ABLV bank payment cards
ABLV bank payment cards

ABLV bank payment cards

ABLV Bank is one of the largest banks in Latvia with offices in 9 countries. The bank has a 20-year history and a clear vision of its values, captured in its brand.
We have developed a new design for a line of ABLV banking cards – debit and credit, both Classic and Gold.
Debit cards
The cards are intended for withdrawing cash from banks and ATMs, as well as for paying for goods and services. The debit cards have a highly detailed pattern and the colors used are bright and rich – blue, red and orange.
The size of the pattern reflects the level of card’s prestige: the higher it is, the bigger is the pattern and the more austere the design is.
Therefore, basic debit cards use the most detailed pattern of all, as well as bright colors, while Gold credit cards have a large pattern and a more elegant and minimalistic design.
Classic credit cards
The range features cards for private individuals, meant for paying for goods and services, as well as corporate cards that can be used for business trips or other corporate expenses. The basic color used in the design is silver with some extra shades which are deeper and more saturated than those of the debit cards.
To achieve the ‘depth’ effect, some ‘mother of pearl’ with the pattern’s fragment is layered onto the plastic. It’s then sealed with a surface color resulting in a layer of tactile lacquer. For each card the unique patterns for applying the mother-of-pearl and lacquer are carefully drawn.
Gold credit cards
The most prestigious card of the range is meant to emphasize its owner’s high status. The Gold card design is very minimalistic and the pattern has a minimum number of planes and angles. The planes are outlined without using any color. The design is really understated.