Aerobia sports tracker interface
Aerobia sports tracker interface

Aerobia sports tracker interface

Aerobia is the first sport tracker in runet that allows users to record their workouts, analyze their results, write reports and communicate with people within the community.
The landing page welcomes you with brief demo of the services.
We have worked several options of the landing page and opted for the one which was short to the point and most motivating to register and explore the services.
It is the main screen and the heart of Aerobia. It outlines the workouts, features friends’ posts, current statistics, ratings, news on fitness clubs, sport gear, etc.
Workout calendar helps to evaluate your achievements. Monthly calendar is a quick tool to evaluate the progress,
track workouts cycles and plan future workouts.
Route workout data is displayed on the interactive map. You can choose between Google Maps, Yandex or people’s choice Open Street Map. It is the most complex module requiring constant updates. Besides workout information exchange, the app also allows import of GPX, TCX and FIT files. Garmin, Polar, Suunto and other trackers structure the information in their own ways. Thus, we have developed individual algorithms for reading data of each of them.

Measuring speed, breaks and workout levels was a time consuming task. It turned out that each sport required manual installation due to GPS data quality.
Sport Gear
The user can create own display of sport accessories: sneakers, bicycles, gadgets, gear, etc. and track down statistics of their use.
Sport Gear
Each item has its page, where users can share information about its purchase and use, receive friends’ comments and likes.
Result drives the progress. Detailed statistics records everything: heartbeat, distance, average speed, burnt calories, total count of workouts.

Our statistics also regards the type of the sport activity.
Moreover, the user can compare his/her results with any participant of the project, either a professional athlete or an amateur. The server constantly updates statistics. We had to adjust to a growing number of users and locations.
Each tracker has its own way of interpreting data: speed, heights, breaks, etc. That is why we were directed by third parties’ services which we used as examples to compare our data.

For example, it would be confusing to see different data on Garmin Connect and our application. Thus, these formulas and data experienced adjustments throughout the whole process.
The project involves 50 000 people. In order to make it interactive, we mapped the most active users for the last 24 hours.
Top Records
The service automatically registers all your achievements. All data is collected in one top records list which allows each user to compare his/her results with other participants. It is always nice to see professional athletes registered with Aerobia at the top positions.

Half marathon for 1h 09min 10sec!
One of our highlights is Records. All athletes want to know who is the fastest to run or ride a bike.

We ran a two-phase test on this module checking both on the human factor and on the system. For the system test we selected several moderators among the users and allowed them to cancel false records. Such statistics allowed us to correct and update top records and to avoid mistakes.
Our users can start different clubs. Currently the project counts over 300 clubs covering all types of sports, interests, etc.
Each club has its own individually designed page with workouts newsfeed, records and statistics. Its members can compete with other clubs in different types of sport. We are thinking about using club pages as branded corporate web sites with their own newsfeed and members.
Those who love sport can create their own virtual competition. E.g. who will be the first one to ride 500 km in a week, or run 10 km or who will have the top record on a certain distance within a month.

Click the «Take part in the competition» button and your data will be added to the competition general roster. After the competition the results will be automatically counted and sent to you.

Certain difficulties we faced in situations when some participants quitted the competitions. This way we had to rearrange the whole top.

We keep the archives of rankings and locations. Challenging situations appeared when some participants quitted the competitions or added new workouts in their calendars. Such things misinterpreted rankings. And we had to fix the data to the finish line.
Events calendar of sport activities is run by the users. They can add events, register and check in for any event. It creates history of competitions for each participant.
Event Page
Each event has its own page which shows main details, locations and discussion board. After the event is over the system automatically scans the workouts of the participants and creates a separate folder where all results are recorded and available for the viewers.
The main functional project took us a year, including all types of technical details, API integrations and endless hours of testing and updates.