Aerobia sports tracker iOS application
Aerobia sports tracker iOS application

Aerobia sports tracker iOS application

Aerobia is the first sport tracker in runet that allows users to record their workouts, analyze their results, write reports and communicate with people within the community.
This mobile app complements the Aerobia system, which is a GPS sports tracker for keeping records of your exercise and sporting achievements. The application actually helps to directly record your exercise data.

One year after launching the pilot version of the Aerobia sport tracker app, we’ve developed a completely new one, taking into consideration both users’ preferences and the new approach to the iOS7 interface.
On your mark, get set...
On your mark, get set...
All you need to begin a workout is to simply choose a sport and press “Start”.
During the workout, the screen shows all the data an athlete needs.
User-friendly one-of-a-kind workout calendar with monthly summary statistics.
The app is designed to be future-proof.
In this new app we focused more on the social aspects. Users can easily and comfortably describe their workouts, add photos and socialize with their fellow thinkers.
Real time
According to Google Analytics stats, about 9 people track their workout with the Aerobia app at any one time.