Decta payment processing website ver. 2
Decta payment processing website ver. 2

Decta payment processing website ver. 2

A leading provider of end-to-end solutions for payment processing, acquiring and card issuing services.
Two years after the release of the first web-site with recognizable interactive sphere element, the company has expanded services spectrum and redefined its positioning in the market.

As the result, a renewed corporate style and the new website were born.
The idea
The core of the new website is a long landing page, vividly telling the viewer about 4 main products and the company itself.
It is completely adaptive and is well-displayed on any device.
Website professional background implies great amount of dry facts and terms. To illustrate those, we added different micro-animation of the elements, which also makes it intuitively easier to use the site.
Every product page contains colorful graphics to illustrate the description – this is a part of the new corporate style, where all elements are branded with the color and gradient symbols.
Each service provided has its own color scheme and illustration, welcoming the visitors.
Following the concept
The long pages, much color, virtuality of the product and narrow specifics of financial business - nothing affected the creation of the united design of the system, that can be seen in every page décor and elements standardizing.