Epicenter esports tournament identity
Epicenter esports tournament identity

Epicenter esports tournament identity

Epicenter is a cyber sports tournament, assembling world’s best teams and gathering millions of online viewers.
The first Dota 2 tournament with a 500,000$ prize pool has been held in Moscow. More than a thousand fans have visited the event and, as a benefit of the online translation, over 3.5 million people all over the world have followed the event.
The “epicenter” word is very powerful and emotional by itself. That is why, developing the logotype, we have used an ultra thick heavy typeface design — EXTRA BOLD.

It represents power and the energy of the tournament name and the word, furthermore, saturated color range resembles excitement and gaming atmosphere.
A second meaning of the “epicenter” word is a focal point of an activity. We can surely claim that the tournament is the epicenter of gaming activities.
The show
There have also been held various competitions and a cosplay show during the event.
We have created several logotype options for Epicenter, counting on future tournament series.
We have also designed staff uniform.
On the arrival day each competitor has been given a portable wi-fi router designed with the logotype.
An unforgettable light show and the Epicenter stage.
More than ten thousand people visited the tournament, which was held from 12 till 15 of may 2016 in Crocus City Hall in Moscow.