Libertex trading platform iPad app
Libertex trading platform iPad app

Libertex trading platform iPad app

Forex Club is a multinational brand with almost 20 years of financial market and online-trading experience.
Libertex — an online trading platform developed by Forex Club. It allows to trade shares, currency and other financial instruments.
New look
We have created design for the trading platform’s iPad application, which allows users to manage their assets and monitor instruments.
After the registration the user meets most popular instruments list and analytical summary with a chart.
Buying or selling financial instruments takes just two clicks.
User’s transaction list appears after the investment. Transactions can be limited in profit or loss.
Go deep
Go deep
The user can sit back and analyze financial instrument’s interactive chart in full screen mode.
Demo mode
At the beginning the user can practice on a demo account and later challenge himself on a real one. All transactions history is saved on the user’s profile.
News section complements numbers and financial instruments facts, whereas technical support makes new traders work easier.