Hanza Perons website
Hanza Perons website

Hanza Perons website

A modern building with a historical background, that is located in the heart of Riga, hosts cultural events.
Our job was to design a website that would both inform about the upcoming events at Hanza Perons and put across the atmosphere of the venue.

To achieve these goals, we employed the grid system. The modules came out playful. The difference in their sizes creates dynamics and defines a hierarchy that’s easy to grasp.
On every page, there is a vertical panel with an event calendar on it. One can read on about the occasions by clicking the links right in the calendar.
The black-and-white photos ensure the visual integrity of the main page. Due to this solution, the illustrations of different colour palettes and styles do not spoil the appearance of the page. The original image is seen on hover.
The photos and the distinct typography of the “About us” section encourage to explore the page further.
The mobile version contains all the principal information and inherits the design features of the desktop version. The calendar preserves its functions, which enables users to quickly get the information they need.