IEDS Group identity
IEDS Group identity

IEDS Group identity

IEDS Group is a Russian scientific and manufacturing company. Its main business area is the development and production of power electronics and electrical machinery for reactive power compensation.
While creating the logo, we have deviated from direct associations with the company’s professional activity and have created a logo which is really clean and attractive to look at.
Everyone can see something different in it – it’s a fireball, a Tesla transformer or even a key, but the overall impression the sphere makes is of serenity, safety and innovations, with connotations of advanced technologies.
The clock
It’s the clock – not a stream of endless offers – which sums up the company’s philosophy and vision. With its regularity and strict order the clock precisely completes the second hand’s tasks.
The corporate identity
Designing the corporate identity we used modern technologies, emphasizing them with ‘old school ‘ accessories. This way we have been able to express the business’ history, underlining IEDS Group’s core values of honesty and reliability.