Laima Vaikule Rendezvous music festival identity
Laima Vaikule Rendezvous music festival identity

Laima Vaikule Rendezvous music festival identity

During several summer evenings known international music artists join the Laima Rendezvous festival to perform in the very heart of Jurmala city.
We developed the main visual elements of the event — the signs, the visual style and the video content for 2017.
A core of the logo is a combination of four symbols: Jurmala city, music, sea and Laima. This has also set a vector for the festival design.
The logo was meant to be used in different design environments and put on various types of materials.

2017 Festival

As an image element a bright illustration of Laima Vaikule was drawn. Along with watercolour strokes it set a start of visual style and atmosphere of the festival and it's elements.

Outdoor ads
Billboards and posters design standards include several basic formats.

Client’s agency adapted additional sizes for series of stretch banners in the city.
Tickets and badges
Advertisement materials and tickets have different colouring for each day of the event.

Colour coding of participants’ badges help festival staff to quicker identification of a person.

Stage design

While developing the visual look of the festival we took the initiative to offer several changes to the stage, which were later used in technical design.

The stage includes 7mm LED-panels assembled in 12 screens in a way that a band, a symphonic orchestra and a piano would all fit on a little stage, while a TV image would also look juicy.


We developed video content for TV, stage background, advertisement, animations and much more.

Video clip appeared in two versions: for a TV broadcasting and adapted to stage screens to greet guests before the festival begins.
An aerial survey was performed during spring in Jurmala, a DJI Inspire drone was used.
For the video ads and interviews we used aquarelle effects together with logo symbolics.
During TV broadcasting of a musical performance, an animated inserts with titles were used.
Stage animation
About 30 different and unique background animated abstractions were developed for the stage, able to change a direction, colour and speed.