Intelbet sports analytics web portal
Intelbet sports analytics web portal

Intelbet sports analytics web portal

Legalbet is a n international betting website covering sports events for Russia, Spain, Romania and Kazakhstan.
The website contains a huge range of analytical and news material about upcoming matches in various kinds of sports. The website content is generated both by skilled experts and advanced sport fans
Bookmakers' ratings are the most important. Many ratings are generated by real users, which is why they are valuable for beginners in their way.
On the website there is a plenty of bookmakers' profiles, where one can find out everything that is needed to decide who to work with.
The project has a powerful analytical part. For instance, an upcoming matches calendar, sectioned by countries and leagues.
On hand
Each match contains all the topical information for the fan — teams squad, statistics, expert advice, etc. During the game, the current score is shown on the display and the news feed is on.
On the website, there is a separate news, forecast and blog section for the analytics, which is refilled both by invited experts and website users.

Website experts have their own profiles, where their publications history and game outcomes forecast statistics are kept.
Social networks
We also designed Intelbet social media — Twitter and Facebook.
We constantly support Intelbet in a graphic way - new banners, pages, contests, etc.