Promsvyazbank corporate clients interface
Promsvyazbank corporate clients interface

Promsvyazbank corporate clients interface

Promsvyazbank is one of the 10 biggest banks in Russia. It has been operating for a quarter of a century, currently serving 2,5 million people and around 200,000 companies.
We designed an interface of the online banking service for corporate clients. We went for a restrained design in the PSB brand colours.
Sign In
We wanted the page to be placid and restrained at the same time. The landscape works great for this.

The main screen

For a user to see the bigger picture, we gathered the main information about the company’s accounts in one dashboard. Now users do not have to switch between numerous sections to find out if there are any new letters from the bank or how the account balances are doing.

Originally we planned to make the graphs bigger and brighter. They looked well but we killed that design version because we wanted the interface to look more like what corporate clients are accustomed to. 

User Accounts
We thought through how switching between different companies’ accounts should look like.

The user should always know to which corporate account he is logged in. Otherwise, one may accidentally do something that was planned for another company. To keep the user informed about what account he/she is using, the left menu and the header where the company name is written do not disappear on scroll.
The bank account information
The account info pop-up imitates a real sheet of paper.

The user can only edit the headline and the account description so there is no editing mode, although some parts of the text can still be altered. While the user changes what’s written in the fields, the page remains still — neither does it reload or twitch.
The statement of account export
One can get the statement instantly and download it in whatever format he/she needs. The bank’s stamp is added with the click of a mouse.

To simplify picking the time frame for the statement, we added the most common periods next to the calendar where one can set a custom time frame.


The accounts’ balances are something the user wants to see right away, so we placed them on top and made them stand out using the font and the size. The full list of payments has a smaller font size than the balances do. 


Normally there are tons of payments — so we organized them into a multipage table. Each line has a checkbox, so the user can manage several payments at the same time.

The navigation and the number of lines display are quite old-fashioned. They imitate a classic search engine interface. When it comes to money, being conservative is not a bad thing.
E-DOC is an electronic workflow system. The user can use it to send and receive emails and change the privacy settings for the documents.

This section is used both by the bank customers and the banks’ employees, so we had to adapt the interface to meet both groups’ needs. As a result, we created dozens of pages that took us about 500 hours to develop.