PUMB bank annual report 2013
PUMB bank annual report 2013

PUMB bank annual report 2013

PUMB is a Ukrainian bank; one of the top ten biggest financial institutions in the country, based on various key financial ratios.
We have designed the web-version of the bank’s annual report for a second year in a row. As opposed to the previous year, we have given-up on the "big scroll" pages and opted for designing the report like presentation slides.
Four sections
The report has four basic subjects. On the Content slide a user can choose any particular section, or go to the first slide – PUMB Banking Group – by scrolling with the mouse wheel.
As opposed to the textual slides, the chairmen’s speeches appear on a dark background without any borders, featuring large pictures, a quote from the speech and some financial ratios.
Examples of the information slides’ design. The content area has fixed width and height. All charts have their own animation on loading.
Each report chapter has its own cover between the slides. Designing these covers, we used a compilation from the PUMB promo video.
PUMB Touch
PUMB Touch service features slides from the Innovative Products section.
Despite the number of slides (39), the format of graphic solutions and layout is not only user-friendly for financial industry specialists, it is also highly intuitive for less advanced users.
PDF version
The report’s PDF version for off-line use or printing maintains continuity with the actual website.
Many thanks to bank employees Yulia Sobko and Pavel Golubovsky for their hard work in preparing materials and help with working on the project.