Runtime cyber nutrition website design
Runtime cyber nutrition website design

Runtime cyber nutrition website design

Runtime offers nutritional solutions for cyber sportsmen. The German-based company produces bars, shakes and beverages rich in macronutrients, vitamins and minerals much needed during cyber training.
We have designed templates for the online shop, found visual solutions for presenting the goods and introduced the distinguished typography as a contribution to the brand identity.

The Runtime website runs on an e-commerce platform so it was undesirable to rearrange elements on the page. This is why we focused on redesigning elements while preserving the layout.
The bright accents and evocative typography look great both in the desktop version and on mobile devices.
Shop pages
We have put a lot of effort into designing the templates for the products’ layout. The goal was to keep the elements proportionate and to maintain visual unity.
Product pages
Runtime’s online ads often lead users directly to a certain product page. Our design helps these visitors to quickly see what they need to see: the product details, reviews and related Runtime products.
To stimulate the user to buy additional goods right on the cart page, we have created a progress bar showing that the more a customer buys, the more bonuses he gets.
Product selection design for Custom Box
The custom box includes 8 shakes and the user can choose what flavours he wants.
In this project, we were in charge of the design. The web development is on the client’s team.