Tresorerie design bureau identity
Tresorerie design bureau identity

Tresorerie design bureau identity

Trésorerie in French means treasury: it is a real treasure for connoisseurs of Mid-Century Modern. The company combines the services of a design-bureau and art gallery, offering its clients one-of-a kind furniture and interior pieces dating from the middle of the 20-th century.
The logo is inspired by the typography of the 50s. The elegant writing is complemented by a little French accent in the form of descriptor which is a signature explaining the company’s business.
For improved usability we have created an additional element, i.e. the sign which is used as a stamp on business documentation to increase brand awareness.
The concept of the corporate style is based on simplicity and elegance. Special attention is drawn to the materials – high quality design paper, its subdued tone of color and low-key surface finish, and ascetic ‘post-office’ string for the wrapping.
The low-key materials only emphasize the logo’s elegance and sophistication.