ABLV ibank iPad application design
ABLV ibank iPad application design

ABLV ibank iPad application design

ABLV Bank is one of the largest banks in Latvia with offices in 9 countries. The bank has a 20-year history and a clear vision of its values, captured in its brand.
We have developed a unique iPad design for the online bank. From checking an account balance to portfolio management, this application has all the functions of a regular online bank.

This is a first-of-a-kind app in Latvia, developed considering usage patterns of iPad tablet computers.
Start-up screen during page loading. It’s design corresponds with the ABLV brand.
The process of signing-in is no different from a regular online bank. You can change the language and the color of the interface here, too.
The client’s accounts are displayed with the available balance. Blocked sums of money are highlighted in red.
A history of operations made over a certain period with opening and closing balances. A stylized choice of time periods and easy switching to see blocked sums of money are also available here.
Payment cards are visually displayed as bright rectangles, reminiscent of real cards.
The notification signs next to the menu lines indicate a number of ready-to-send documents and unread messages from the bank.
To fulfill every bank client’s needs and to make it easier to work in any kind of light, the app, designed in corporate style, has two contrast versions – a darker and a lighter one. It also functions in both landscape and portrait modes.
Special thanks to Sergei Mazur, the bank project manager, for his highly competent approach and help in this job’s development and formalization.