Pulse time tracking tool
Pulse time tracking tool

Pulse time tracking tool

Pulse.red is a powerful time tracker for those who appreciate simplicity. No pointless infographics; stay focused on the main things and track your project's time.
After trying out various popular time-trackers, which eventually swelled with different payment modules, integrations, and questionable infographics, we created own service.
Neat landing page represents the product while an animated red dot creates liveliness, shrinking when scrolling down the page.

User Interface

The inner part of the service refers to a minimalist style, lacking unnecessary elements. Totally everything is intuitively simple, but at the same time strict and formal.

Login page
The sign in and registration pages include an already known animation of a red dot from the landing page.
Projects and tasks
Transparent structure of projects and tasks gives an understanding of the overall time spent on projects.

Navigating through the UI and finding the right task is quite intuitive even for the beginner.
The design is fully responsive, which makes the service convenient to use on smartphones or on tablets.
The user can either enter the time spent on a task manually or use a timer.

In case one forgets to turn off the timer, a friendly reminder will be sent to the registered email.
Team and reports
Pulse especially reveals its advantages when working in a team. Colleagues can see live who is working on what.

You can always request the project or the user report for a certain period.

Desktop app

For ease of use, we have developed separate Mac and Windows desktop applications that allow you to track time without opening the browser.

Read the full story of the case, the reasons behind and the development process on Fragment website.