PUMB bank annual report 2012
PUMB bank annual report 2012

PUMB bank annual report 2012

PUMB is a Ukrainian bank; one of the top ten biggest financial institutions in the country, based on various key financial ratios.
Convenient form
Going for an online annual report was based not only on global digitalization - it also provided the opportunity to showcase the bank’s monetary indicators together with the new website.
Slide concept
The conceptual solution is to place five presentational slides on one page, thus transferring the elements of a printed layout to the online version. Annual reports show a bank’s achievements, so we presented the sequence and the development of the institution using a dynamic transition.
The menu panel is always kept in place at the top of the page to make the navigation easier.

To speed up the page loading the contents of the next sections are loaded during the website scrolling.
The grid of the annual report is made to enable clients to set the order of the blocks without any loss to the page’s overall design.
The Enterprise Management page represents an example of this opportunity.
We have also created a ‘light’ PDF version of the annual report for offline use. We have kept all the core elements of the grid used.