Regional Investment Bank identity
Regional Investment Bank identity

Regional Investment Bank identity

RIB – is a Latvian bank, established in 2001, to serve corporate and private customers.

Before & After

The bank has existed with the old logo for many years, but today it looks very archaic. The full name of the bank was enclosed in the descriptor, and that was about to change.

Refreshing an established logo is often far more challenging than creating a completely new style for a new company — you are required to keep the recognizability of the brand and get create an obvious improvement in the eyes of both customers and its customers.

Font and color
The color of the logo has acquired a more solid and trustworthy character. The massive font has been replaced by the stylish and strict outline of a geometric grotesque called Radikal, created by the Swiss designer Niko Inosanto (Nootype).
By using the circle, the sign has become visually proportional and geometrically accurate. The scheme by which the logo was built is based on the height of capital letters of the bank's name.

The simple shapes are always perceived much easier.
We have created a separate English version of the logo for all foreign documentation and promotional materials.